I've always been a big fan of THE KISS RULE: KEEP IT SMART & SIMPLE.
That's how I go about my work. Simple and Straight to the point. 

What I do is more than just a piece of Jewelry or design, whether it was gold or silver, I create each piece with very high intentions, to make it the best personalized experience for each individual.

Part of working in this business is working on developing my self, which lead me to highlight my core values in life that also apply to what i do. INTEGRITY, REFINEMENT, IMPROVEMENT & LOVE.
So I hope that every time I create something, I will be able to apply all I believe in and simply reach to you.. 
With all my love,
Zaina Sa'ed

P.S. I am based in Amman, Jordan. But I deliver all over the world :)
*Special thanks to Rakan Arnaout for the photo.